I have been looking at a lot of companies with the MSSQL/ASP/Windows combination. I like the look of the following but really have not seen any recent threads mentioning the quality of their services. Everything seems to be pretty old.I would appreciate anyone giving me some feedback on these companies:




And, in case anyone has other suggestions! - here are the requirements supplied by our database designer:

MS SQL SERVER 2000(if they have ms sql server, they have entreprise manager. We have it on our side, and they have it on their side.)
- ASP support(not chillisoft ASP, but microsoft ASP)
- We'll need approx 1GB on hard disk space
- We'll need approx 200MB of db space. If we could have 2 databases on the server, that would be great.
- we'll need a picture uploader.(AspUpload)
- We'll need to be able to run jobs on a time specific basis.
- A Site Administration panel(to manage the most possible features on the site)
- A IM software(if they do not have one, check possibilities to be able to install it and attach it to the db)
- an ASP(or other) Chat room with multiple features.
- illimited Email(or min 30) and email forwarding
- Fast and good response time on Support
- Ideally, a user forum on the hosting company's site.

if the host does not have the components can we get them and upload them (is
> that allowed? I would think so.)
It really depends on the host, but I know most host do not accept any software from clients if it isn't an internal buy. So I'm not sure about that.
If they accept, they would be reponsible for it. Because they are responsible for anything that is on their server in the form of components.

Does this help?!!