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    I need help!!! REGISTER.COM or GoDADDY.COM ??

    I am looking to buy an hosting for our school website. Which hosting is the better? or ???
    I need one that will work 100% all the time.

    Any help???


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    I suggest you look around here for a host, and find out comments on them. Most of the registrar are into domain business and not web hosting and it's probably better to go with someone who's specialised in it.
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    Thanks. If anyone know of a better site (PLEASE DONT SAY YOURS) I am talking a popular best hosting site like that that many popluar sites host their sites at. (Does anyone know where or host their websites?)

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    800 is hosted by (Wisconsin).

    I think is hosted by (Massachusetts) but they seem to be involved with Akamai as well (maybe?).

    I just looked up this info on, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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