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    Photoshop Contest for Advertising

    Contest proposition for all you photoshoppers out there for a little fun. Make any kind of picture...Anything that includes one of these pictures. or

    The ones that the panel of judges (pretty much me and my friends) like will recieve 1 free month of advertising at with a 159 x 99 logo. Also, keep in mind that if you would like your pics to be eligible for wallpaper make sure to make the sizes 1024 x 768 / 800 x 600 and so forth.

    If you choose not to make a pic of that size, any other pics are acceptable but instead of becoming wallpaper, these entries will have articles written about them such as the one seen

    The top entry will not only recieve advertising on our site but also a $15 cash prize via paypal!

    Here is an example of what can be made through these logos.

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