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    $10 per month, what should I get?

    Any good hosting for $10/month provide quality server and plan? Please suggest by your experience!

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    Anyway take a look around in the offers forum for shared hosting.
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    I would suggest paying for only what you need, if you only need 2gb's of transfer now don't bother getting a plan that has 20

    The vast majority of cases the more you pay the better the service.
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    i suggest olddh- my site is hosted by them and I pay very little (2 bucks) for 8gb of bandwidth and 200mb disk space. They would probably be happy to give you a custom plan to fit what you need which is great and is what I did.

    They used to have a pretty bad uptime but ever since they switched to a new server i have had no problems what so ever.

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    For $10 / mo, You should be able to find a decent host. Make sure you test the hosts support, server speed, etc.

    Best Wishes~
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    $10/month is fine - but depends what youre shopping for -

    What kind of resources will you actually need?

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    Give a try, their servers are at globalcompass a very reliable DC.
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    For $10 a month, you can go to - haven't heard anything about them so far, and a lot of WHT members can give you their reviews on that host.

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    Originally posted by Gargoyle
    $10/month is fine - but depends what youre shopping for -

    What kind of resources will you actually need?

    Basically, I need it for a forum, my visitors get more and more, I have 10g server which is overload. But the extra bandwidth need to pay $5/g. And my server run slow in asian area. Thats why I am looking for a better hosting which is good for price, speed, reliable, service. Thanks for your help.

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    I would go to McDonnalds and get yourself a #4.. supersized..

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    You should probobly be able to get around 15Gb transfer and about 500+Mb diskspace atleast. Or maybe thats just my view because i offer that. Happy Hunting.

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    Do a search for ****** on this forum , that might expand your horizon
    I like to help

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    I pay $10 a month for 20 gigs of data transfer & 800 mb of space from Digitalinet (

    They constantly add space & bandwidth to their plans. When I first signed up in 2002 my account offered me 6 gigs of transfer & 500 mbs of space. As you can see times change :-)

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