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    JVDS/VPScolo Review

    I would really like to thank Rus for the level of service provided to me by VPScolo/JVDS. I have been a customer of theirs for over four months now and the level of service they have provided is great.

    Of the many support tickets I've opened up, I've never had to wait more than an half hour for a response. This is really great if you don't have that much knowledge about server adminsitration in general.

    Even with a few recent problems in the network there were never any big outages, and when it came to problems locally with my VPS, it was always repaired fast and efficently.

    I have two VPS's with them, one high end for everything that needs to be online all the time and another for me to practice my horrible system administration skills.

    Anyway, I highly reccommend VPScolo/JVDS to anyone seeking a VPS account or dedicated server, managed or unmanaged. Great level of service.
    Michael MacKinnon

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    kudos to Rus and vpscolo, they are great, I'm glad to be there and hear other great reviews - short URL service

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