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    2000+ uniques daily site for sale.

    We are putting for sale. This is the best all around aim site on the net that provides you with the best aim secrets, files, convos, and much more.

    Site Traffic- 2000 - 4000 uniques a day. Check out our Extreme Tracker

    Site Content - We have the largest collection of aim content including aim files, conversations, profiles, secrets, away messages, and buddy icons.

    Site Age- This site has been around for about 2 years. Pretty much everyone who uses aim everyday knows about this site.

    Bandwidth- Due to the high amount of traffic, this site uses about 80 gb of bandwidth each month.

    Hosting- A dedicated server is recommended but a shared server should be fine. We will host you for free for one month so you can get everything settled with no problems.

    Admin Panel- We have an admin panel that lets you add whatever content you want to the site. Therefore you don't need to know php or html. Anyone can manage this site.

    Time- You will probably have to spend about 30 minutes each week to update the site. This is optional, you don't have to update at all if you don't want but we recommend you to do so to maintain your visitors.

    Revenue- We earn an average of 1200 dollars a month from aimthings. We earn about 700-1000 from google adsense alone. Then we earn about 150-300dollars form paypopup and exit fuel. There is another option where you can make about 3000 dollars but you will really annoy your visitors. It is an active x popup that asks you if you want to install something. You can check it out at

    Reason for selling- Need some quick cash for some personal issues.

    Extras- Will help you transfer the site to your own server if you are having troubles.

    Programs- We have serveral programs that were customly made for aimthings. There are about 5 of them laying around which have our link on the program. Many other sites have out programs on their site which makes us even more popular. You can view our programs here. The Aim Things Missing files pack is the most popular.

    What you get- You will get full ownership of aimthings. The domain, the content,, the programs, everything..

    interested? email [email protected]

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    price? interested but i notice you sell different aim sites basically every month. Do you have some aim farm going around by putting small banners to your affiliates which keeps drawing traffic to other aim sites that you run?

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    price is 5k+ .. and this particular aim site has been around for 2 years.. so its not just any plain aim site.

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    Hi cybertrash,
    Did you have this for sale just recently or was that another AIM site?
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    i just had this for sale recently.. the last aim site i sold was about 3 months ago

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    it looks like aimthings has been around since Jan-2003

    are you also selling
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    no i'm not selling
    also aimthings actually started in around the summer of 2002 but we did no have the domain . we just had a subdomain

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    Thumbs down Caution

    Watch out for this guy, he makes false claims and never answers the questions


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