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    setting up the website for your hosting company..

    how do u exactly setup the website for your hosting business? how do u setup the billing on your website?
    is this information all included with your control panel?
    please reply asap thanks alot!

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    Start with a template or pay a designer.

    Purchase a billing application such as modernbill.
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    Since you are asking these questions, I assume that the site in your profile is not yours.

    I'd be happy to pass on this information if you promise me one thing. Don't take on any paying customers until you know exactly what you are talking about. Since these are fairly elementary questions you are asking, I assume you are just starting out. Therefore you really need to learn the ins and outs before you actually start.

    So to begin with, you need 3 basic elements.
    Website, Billing System and Support.

    Setting up a website is quite easy....setting up a great website is hard work. Since I don't know if you are asking how to setup a website in general, or if you are asking about hosting specific development , I will leave that question alone.

    Simplest means is to setup a paypal account and create a link to the secure paypal page from your site. There are many 3rd party billing systems(2checkout, paysystems) that have more features(recurring billing support, customised payment pages) than paypal. You really have to determine this for yourself, however I recommend one of these to be a good place to start.

    You could also get a merchant account that allow you to take credit cards through your site. I wouldn't recommmend this if you are just starting.

    You might want to look at something like modernbill, whoicart etc for client billing programs. These allow you to integrate paypal, 2checkout and others into your billing software, allowing you to more easily organise operations.

    Control Panel.
    Some control panels try to be as turnkey as possible, others simply provide convenience. Best way to learn is to choose a few shared hosts with differering control panels, try them all out and see which one works for you.

    There is a LOT of information on these boards, just spend some time looking around and things will start to sink in.

    Good Luck

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    I'm not sure if you've already made the step into web hosting, but you may want to reconsider it at this point.... or atleast do some research BEFORE hand. Of you don't know how the website or the billing works, I think you would just be another fly-by-the-night hosting company and will gain a bad reputation. However, I could be wrong and you could turn out to be great.

    First things first, you need a business plan.

    1. How much money you will invest into the company. Generally, it's not profitable overnight.
    2. What type of server you will use.
    3. What type of technical support you will offer. And please, do not be one of those people that advertises 24/7 technical support by e-mail and then doesn't respond for 2 days.

    etc etc etc

    There are many things you need to consider, and if you haven't already (as I can guess by your "please reply asap"), you really need to consider first.

    I have to say that I think everyone that knows what they are doing would know that "all the information" about billing, your website, etc. are not just found in your control panel or given to you.

    About billing, I think you would probably end up with PayPal. It doesn't look like you've planned all this out and a merchant account would probably not be an option.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

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    If you do a search on this forum on how to start a hosting business you will find tons of information how to get started in the hosting business.

    Good Luck - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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