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    Question NEED Help with 2CO

    Hello People,

    Yep, It is old boring me again.. Sorry

    I need a little info about 2CO, I am planning to setup online Shopping Cart and Checkout facility on my website. I am selling Computers within the UK in Sterling.

    Can 2CO be used on any site/Server or do I have to go to them directly, I mean I have bought a Business template and am in the process of editing this, can I use 2CO with this?

    Also is the fees 5.5%, cause like if I sell a system for 1,000, a total of 55.00 will be paid towards commission is that correct?

    Many thanks for all your kind support.

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    you have the option to use direct your clients from your website to their shopping cart which would simplify matters a lot. or you may use the preferred option of generating html links from your 2co product pages and putting them on your website as text or button links.

    using the html links, though, would require you to send and capture back certain parameters for you to process.

    you will be receiving your sales amount net of the discount rate and transaction fees on the regular payout dates.

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