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    dedicated help...

    I'm in need of a dedicated server, and I'm not too sure where to look without getting ripped off.

    What can you guys suggest?

    I know the basics of running a server such as setting up a domain, adding e-mail addresses, etc... but I'm no confident that I'd know how to totally manage a server.

    I'd need something that gives me over 100gb of bandwidth a month, and about 1gb of hard drive space...

    We're bringing in over 100k unique visitors a month, and that number has been increasing and increasing over the months.

    Any suggestions?

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    Listen to the experiences of people here but just don't go to a particular company if there are too many positive responses. Dig a bit more and decide. Just my suggestion.

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    If you need something managed, try
    both located in texas, very reputable providers.
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