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    Please help with domain name transfer from Yahoo to Godaddy

    Hi. I hope you experts can help me out here. I've never dealt with Yahoo before and it looks to be very bad. A client of mines bought the domain name and hosting from Yahoo. I want to transfer the domain name from Yahoo to Godaddy. I go through the transfer process from Godaddy and it sends an email to the person registered with that site. In the email, it says to approve it by entering some numbers and I did. 2 days later, I call Godaddy to make sure everything is ok. They said, yea, sit back and wait. Then today, 4 days later, the transfer got declined. Is there anything I can do to transfer the domain and web hosting?

    Is there something I needed to do on Yahoo's side? They have the absolute worst customer service and their FAQ do not explain very much. Your help is most appreciated. Thanks.

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    usually if you registerred through Yahoo they will register it with Melbourneit maybe contact them, you will need a registry key to access your account with them.

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    yahoo is know for some pretty wweak support. Go and try to contact for assistance.
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    this thread might help getting your control key to access your domain management?

    then you can transfer away i believe after changing the info to your info or so.
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