Hoping for some feedback from you guys!

I run a telecommunications company with direct ecommerce sales being our only method of distribution. We are thinking of building out a toll free service that would be sold online: anyone could come to our site, pick their own 800 numbers, pay by credit card, and have them provisioned instantly. Bells and whistles like voicemail, routing to different numbers by time of day, routing to cell phones, international forwarding, etc will be available as a la carte options. Everything will be managed in real-time via a control panel, including reports on call history and a bunch of other cool stuff.

I know there are a few highly regarded providers providing this service, and they seem to be well-known on this forum.


1) will webhosting companies be interested in reselling this service to their customers? What type of reseller models work best? Would 20% of revenues be a compelling offer?

2) Do you think website operators (your clients) would buy toll free numbers and find value in them? Pricing would be around $3 per month + 6.9 cents per minute US/Canada, no contracts

3) Which of the following are extremely important to resellers: *us taking care of billing, fraud risks, etc. *us taking care of customer service directly *3rd party unbiased reporting of signups, revenues, etc. for tracking

4) as a consumer, what are you looking for? Quality, price, real-time management...will 6.9 cents per minute fly with you?

We are talking to some VERY large companies about resale ops, but we are a small and entreprenurial company and think that other small/medium entrepreneurs (like all of you on this board) will be a better and more effective distribution channel.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.