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    Ok, I got burnted. I started out on (aka, aka about 3 other names). Horrible, horrible service. About the only saving grace is that they offered dedicated servers w/Debian. But between network problems, lousy support, failing hardware and long reboot times I just had to leave.

    I looked around for a low-end Debian offering. I don't need much. Maybe 10Gb of HD, 20-30Gb/month traffic, etc. Ended up looking at ServerPronto and Went with ServerPronto because even though they have a setup fee after 5 months it would be cheaper than The price was comparable to tophosting, too. I checked both out but didn't think once to check to see if either service was a spamhaus. Imagine my ire when I found out that ServerPronto is associated with InfoLink which, in turn, hosts spammers. Already I'm getting several bounces a day to sites I've been mailing to for years.

    I pretty much guess I'm out the $150. I'd try to work with them but it looks like they've been hosting spammers for years now with no chance of cleaning up their act. I guess that means I need to head over to as I've not found a cheaper Debian dedicated alternative. Does anyone know if suffers under the same problem that ServerPronto does, IE, getting IP space from a range associated with spammers?

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    all managed servers use private IPs, but anyway, it works fine, just like public IPs.

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    Originally posted by neorder
    all managed servers use private IPs, but anyway, it works fine, just like public IPs.
    There are no such things as private IPs (Besides local, internal IPs such as 10.10.*.*, 192.168.*.*). does have some listings in SPEWS, you'll have to search for them, though. They're not in the business of hosting spammers, as ServerPronto's parent company is.


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    Private Ip's? what? They route the ip's directly to the boxes, they don't do static NAT or something.

    If you know what you're doing with a server, then managed is good. Though, if you need a actual managed box, then get it from a reseller like angelnetworkz

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    Why not contact SM and see if they can do a Debian install for you? But as for, they use great servers so i doubt you'll have hardware problems. However, their network is shaky. It's not bad when it's up, AboveNET does a good job. However, as someone else said, they're hardly much for customer service. I wouldn't expect an ounce of support from them hehe...

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    SM? What's SM?

    And define "shaky". I'm not looking for something with 5-9's here. I'm just looking for something that's cheap and doesn't suffer 80% Packet Loss 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours a night. :/

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    I would go with servermatrix/theplanet.
    But if your on the cheap and want to go with managed, go with

    They do a great job with support.

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    I'm not going for managed. All I want from them is a pipe, a fresh Debian install and remote hands in case of catastrophic failure. I don't want them touching my box for any other reason. I don't want web admin interfaces or people monitoring my machine's web/mail/ftp whatever servers. That's my responisiblity. Just a pipe that doesn't drop packets and an IP that's not a part of a spamhous block that's all I ask.

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    customer service

    I will say that I have never seen anyone quite like them, we are a Internet service provider in the Uk. However we needed to get hold of x2 for start building up to 10 so that we can monitor what the service was like.

    The uptime hasnt been too bad. However I can say that their customer service is not good. We emailed them this morning to see if they had a server in stock and they advised yes so we placed an order first thing. Payment was made via paypal the same min. One of our techs emailed them to see what was going on and they advised no payment was recieved? However min later they had got it??????

    I emailed them again and said this cant go on, they turned around and said its going to be tuesday now???

    My advice for the little bit extra is to go with ezzi theya re really good and you can always contact them via phone.

    One other bit of info seems that managed and software works are the same company!

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    520 has Debian, starting at $58

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    type of customer care you get from them
    "Note from Seller:
    According to our Terms of Agreement, activations take up to 48 hours, also
    there is an upcoming holiday, so server wouldnt be set up until Tuesday,
    yet you demanded set up a few hours after payment. Regardless, here is your
    full refund."

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