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    I'm am looking for ad sales to help pay for my new round of advertising in my local city. Any package you purchase will stay up for two weeks after my ad campaign starts (and of course the ad will show up on the purchase date).
    Currently the site is adding new users on a daily basis.

    If you would like to advertise on Life in Kansas City ( the following packages are available:


    $7/m - text link under the "events section" which appears on EVERY PAGE

    $10/m - Is a 100 x 60 static banner that appears on every page view on every page under the "events section" and the left hand side of the page.

    $15/m - Guarantee’s the first ad slot under the "events section" of the page for a 100 x 60 static button

    $15/m - I have one text slot available which is at the top of every page right underneath the logo and directly right of the "Welcome, Guest" text. Which is also where users see if they have new messages when they login. Great spot, - This is also open to the "highest bidder" if more than one advertisers want the slot.

    $30/m - This package Puts your text ad under each global mail sent out (this is when I send an announcement to all users REAL email address's on the site).
    This month because of the upcoming chat and forums I will be sending out quite a few global mail's more than any normal month. This package is created only for this month.
    This package also comes with a 100 x 60 static ad slot on the front page under the "events section of the page"

    All ads will also be displayed on the forums which will be released in the middle of your ad rotation. (The launch date is set to about June 15)

    The monthly rotation will not start until Thursday June 3rd however, I will put your ad online as soon as purchase is received. Giving the opportunity to have free time. The reason the rotation will not start until the 3rd is because I want to guarantee the current ads are up during my next local ad campaign on the site.

    I am trying to keep a professional looking appeal to my site. Because of this I believe it is part of the reason I am signing up users as fast as I am. Because of this I will not offer full size banners on the site. My design and layout are not made to accommodate those types of banners.

    If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] I will be unavailable
    starting this Saturday till Thursday. If you want a free week rotation you need to contact me before this Saturday.
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