We developed an eCommerce site for a Client and we're having trouble getting visitor statistics on it, because of the way in which it is designed.

The Client wanted five separate websites running on five different domains which all work from one master catalogue of products. This bit is fine; the code renders the appropriate look and feel based on the domain name, and displays the right products.

However because it is only one website, there is only one set of logfiles. All the dns entries point at the same IP; the difference in how it is rendered is managed by the code itself.

We can't run them as 5 separate websites in IIS, because they all share a common Application level cache.

The problem we have is that LiveStats 5 (the stats software we use) can't split out the stats for each of the domains. We can set up 5 different stats server profiles and key in a host header value for each, but that doesn't achieve separate reports, because if you were using host headers, you would have five IIS websites on the same IP: We have one website on one IP. This means all the five sets of reports are identical.

What I need is some tool which can run through the log files and based on the URL on each row, split them out into five sets of logfiles. We could then point the Stats server at each one separately as if they were separate sites.

I could write this myself but wonder if this has been done already - can anyone advise?