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Thread: Good resellers?

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    Smile Good resellers?

    Looking for a reseller....Please only give resellers that you have used or are using for more than 2 months now, if you have never used someone, don't give them...All hosts must be in business for at least 5 months. I need a little feedback on anyone you give. Also only post if I can do a search and get almost all positive feedback on your host. Thank you.


    Min Bandwith: 130 GB
    Min Space: 4 GB
    Uptime: 99%
    Support: Something around 24/7...
    Price: No more than $65/month (if unrealistic, tell me)
    Custom name servers
    Cpanel, unlimitted domains, Fantastico and all other stuff such as sub-domains, databases, FTP accounts, email accounts unlimitted....
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    If you can't find a plan similar to that which suits your needs maybe try host quote on this page. or contact some hosts and ask them for a custom quote. I am sure their is a host out their that can help you out.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Well, your price is reasonable and im sure you will find something...
    Excell Hosting
    Budget Hosting

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    $0.50/GB plus 4GB storage for $65..

    I think your price is on the lowend - but, youre only looking for 99% uptime - so, you may be in the right range...

    Best of luck in your search...

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    You sure find something in that price range -- especially if server location is in the U.S. (harder to find if in Europe). I suggest you also look for *add-ons* to the hosting plan ... whatever is useful and attract customers.

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