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    What causes this problem?

    Why is it that sometimes when you properly create a hosting account for a domain name on a cpanel server sometimes that domain does not resolve to it's IP... even though that domain name is using the correct namesevers?

    I don't handle the technical issues on my server (dare I say I'm awful at it). But I forgot... what exactly needs to be done or what exactly causes this problem?

    I've noticed this problem happens every so often... that you setup a domain on the server... but it doesn't resolve to its IP making it completely inaccessible and not work... but then the sysdamin does something really quick on the server to fix it in 3 seconds flat. What exactly causes this problem and how to fix it?

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    Maybe you are running your own nameservers and they are failing to restart or not being updated. After you add a domain, go into "edit DNS zones" and see if the domain's zone appears there. You can also try running this from your command prompt:


    to see if it is resolving properly

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