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    * Unique hits or unique hits?

    When you're discussing the statistics of a website for a month and you are talking about uniqe hits, do you then mean the actual unique amount of visitors that month or the sum of all the unique hits per day?

    You get the difference? if I have 20 people visiting my site every date (the same 20 people).. would one month count as 20 unique hits or 30x20 unique hits?

    The last alternative seems most resonable to me.

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    I believe it's the latter.. it would be the sum of all days together.

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    Hits is not a good term to use. For many, it means visitors. But it many statistical scripts, it means a file downloaded. So hits would greatly exceed visitors, especially if you had a lot of images. Just a huge source of confusion.

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    Hits is page views and unique visitors added together yes?
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    The standard of a unique visitor is on a monthly time scheme. If you have 20 people visit your site every day for a month then you will have 20 unique visits that month and 600+ visits that month.

    Hits are a worthless measurement because it simply refers to how many hits the server takes. Check out: - Stastistic Terminology for more info.
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    A "hit" is merely a server request- every page is comprised of different components, all of which generate a "hit" when a page is requested in a browser. A page view is somewhat more accurate, but still a very inadequate metric. Visitors, Visitor frequency, Visitor activity and navigation and accurate conversion rates are much better performance metrics.

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    shouldn't it really be Unique IPs ?
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    IMO what's most important is unique visits per month. Hits, as others have mentioned, is the total number of files loaded by the visitor. So that would mean the page is 1, if there's 10 images on your site, it's now 11. If you have .css files etc, I'm pretty sure those are added to the total. A unique visitor can produce a number of hits.

    I think most stats software restart their counters each month. So person A visits in May an then again in June, each month being a unique visitor - at least from how I understand it.

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    If you really want to get a good feel to how a site is doing, you need to know its Unique visits/month, Visits/month, and Page Views/Visit. With Uniques you can see how much exposure the website has on the internet. With Visits you can see how often the website's visitors return to the site. And with Page views you can see how much the visitors use the website.

    After you have all that information figured out, you have to check out the layout of the website to see if the designer is trying to push up page views per visit, the most exploited metric of them all. A web designer can easily change her average page views per visit by simply splitting up a single page into multiple pages. This would mean the visitor would have to generate 3 page views to get the same amount of information that used to come with 1 page view.

    There are more things you have to do when gauging a site's performance, popularity and usefullness, but that is a good starting point.
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