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    How many users can you host on a server

    How many users would you host on a server ? I would like to host like 350...too much ?

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    In order to answer that question, you would need to be able to answer these:

    What's the server specs?
    What's the bandwidth allocations?
    How much disk space will each individual site use?
    How much dynamic content will each web site contain?
    Message forums? Blogs? Content Management Systems? etc...
    Will the email/SQL/etc be serviced on the same server?

    It's similar to asking if a floppy disk is big enough to hold my file...without letting you know how big my file is
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    Even on higher spec servers I would recommend keeping the number as low as possible ... it will save you time, money and headaches in the long run.
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    KIAHost is correct. Also, if one server dies, you don't have to answer to every single client.

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    At present I'm having 200 accounts on that server and if I enter "top" in SSH it shows a load average of about 0.6 or 0.7. I think I will not get problems with the disc space or traffic but the cpu load could become a problem... 333 would be cool so you can host 1000 people on 3 servers.

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    Depends on your program.

    If you are providing hosting for resellers then your server could hold upto maybe 20 domains who use lots of space and bandwith, same goes for medium size business hosting.

    If you are provide 500 mb space and 2 GB bandwith, then you can hold alot more.

    Another factor is which type of server you use

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