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    Active Directory Slow Login Problems

    I have a Windows 2000 Server setup with Active Directory and about 18 users. It has DNS running that appears to be working correctly. (I can do nslookups and verify that external and internal names resolve, ie servername.domain etc) A second server (Non Domain Controller) gives out DHCP information which sets every clients DNS, and WINS as the Domain Controllers IP. Everything worked fine when it was first setup the beginning of this month, but Monday this week I started having problems with Windows XP Pro clients logging into the server. All of the older clients (Windows 95-ME) work fine still.

    The Problem I am having is that when Windows XP Pro machines log into the domain, they get hung at the "Applying Computer Settings" for 20 minutes or so. Sometimes randomly hangs on programs accessed on the DC, but after waiting they recover. If I log into the machine as the Administrator of the Domain on the client computer it logs right in no wait. Then if i log out and log in as them, it logs right in. But when the user logs out it takes 5-10 minutes to shutdown for some reason "Closing Network Connections".

    A few error messages I was getting in the Error Logs were Event ID 1058 windows cannot access the file gpi.ini \\server.domain\sysvol\server.domain\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-94SF-00C04FB984F9}\gpt.ini

    The problem is if I go to that URL in run it works. I can see the gpt.ini file. I tried running gpupdate.exe like a helpfile said and it talks to the domain controller and updates the group policy. But if I reboot the computer the same 20 minute hang happens all over again.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Well I managed to fix it myself, just wanted to let everyone know what I did. I had to go into the DNS settings on the Domain Controller and delete the Active Directory domain. Then re-add it as an Active Directory Integrated Domain (which is was in the first place) and at a command prompt do:
    net stop netlogon
    net start netlogon (or netlogin) can never remember which it is.
    The net stop start puts the Active Directory stuff back into the zone file. Then have all the users log back in and we were good no delays everything back to normal.


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