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    Looking for a script...

    I'm looking for a script where I can import a list of domains and it will check the expiration date for each domain daily and when it gets to 30 days, 14 days and 7 days (or similar intervals) left it sends a customizable email to the email address registered to that domain.

    Any ideas, does a script like this exist?

    Please note this is not related to NeoManager in any way.
    Robert Matthams
    NeoManager Managing Director

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    Sounds to me like a spam-script that the domain registry of america and the likes are using... Not something most on this board (or most people involved in open software for that matter) would want to spread.

    It might be used for legit purposes (like making sure your own customers that manage their own domains don't forgot to renew them). But I think there are better ways of doing that. One reason being that if the admin contact forgets to renew, that's probably because his e-mail address isn't working anymore and he didn't get the renewal notices from his own registrar. He's also not going to get your e-mail. If they are your customers/friends/..., you should have better ways to contact them then the e-mail address in the whois records.

    Plus, it's hard or even impossible to do write such a script for .com and .net names since every registrar has got an other whois lay-out, making it difficult to parse.

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    Why can't I ever post anything on this board without someone questioning me! I'll never understand the people at this place.

    No it's not for spamming it is to send renewal notices to my customers as OnlineNIC do not have a system in place to send them. There are too many domains for me to contact each one manually, therefore I need an automated script, ok?
    Robert Matthams
    NeoManager Managing Director

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    NEO, I have noticed that you always get slammed. Don't ask me why?

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    I know, it's completely ridiculous. I don't know why I even bother with this place sometimes.
    Robert Matthams
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    i think writing a script is your best option

    i've seen offering this feature with their free DNS hosting service.
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