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    How much data transfer would a cs server take?

    Just wondering how much data transfer one cs server would take during the course of a month? Assuming it would be a 12 man server and that it would be heavily loaded during the most of the day.

    Also another question is how to create ftp accounts for different cs servers would you need cpanel or is there another way of doing it....

    Cheers guys!

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    Hello Fellow WHT Member.. Here is a graph that might help you... I hope you have Excel? Because this is how it is going to need to be opened.. its a Chart for the Counter-Strike Bandwidth usage its a nice little thing to have

    CS BW Transfer Excel Sheet

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    KB/Sec*60*60*24*30 /1024 /1024

    I think that is right, cs uses about 5-6 K/Sec per person? 12 Man whould use around 66K/Sec, this whould calculate 24/7 usage for a month (30-days) - in GByte

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    "cs uses about 5-6 K/Sec per person"

    That's a risky generalization. You HAVE to consider what the clients connect with and what the server rate is capped at. This is an art, not a science, so there is no single answer.

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