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    offline viewing question

    This is probebly a stupid question

    I have windows 2003 server and am unable to view my scripts offline, they are only viewable when I am online using localhost/, I looked at all the settings and everything appears fine, if I open windows explorer and doubleclick on an ASP page it opens the code text not execute it in IE

    the script is entirly in ASP

    really at a loss on the setting to enable the website to be viewable, I have chosen the "make available offline" and
    checked the local intranet settings

    any info heplfull


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    It's like viewing a PHP script offline. You're only going to see the actual code in .txt format. The same goes for this. The reason for it working when you use localhost is because the page is serving off your actual web server, your web server is configured to serve ASP...

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