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    Have anyone try before?

    Have anyone try before their pricing for the reseller seem to be good ?

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    I wouldn't rely on the poll too much, you'll get alot of people voting just because they like to click the buttons

    From an outsiders point of view their pricing is rediculous @ 4.95/70gb the vast majority of hosts who offer similar pricing are not usually around very long. You should work out exactly what you can afford, and what resources you need, looking for the cheapest deal will only mean you're back here in a few weeks (months if you're lucky) looking for another host after this one vanishes.

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    Loon is right. Use the search feature and google. Maybe you can find what their customers feel about their service, but I would be wary of that price.

    Good luck!

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    Well, I was foreced to learn a little about them, as their name is sometimes mistaken for excellhosting. The one thing I had to learn is a customer said they were horrible. Search and you will fix the topic...
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