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    Domain register

    Hello I'm looking for a place where I can register domain's using switch (UK styled card), I was going to use but sales reps being sales reps just push you aside once they know you won't bring them anything, anyway ant help would be great.
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    try checking UK based companies maybe? one big reseller out there.
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    I use them myself but they are also very expensvie compaired to most US companies
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    If you want .uk domains then will happily accept your Switch card and you aren't going to get much cheaper than them anyway.
    When it comes to .com/.net etc - well I still use 123-reg to be honest.
    Sure they are slightly more expensive, however their control panel is excellent, support excellent and I can keep all of my domains in the same place.

    If you want the cheapest you'll have to go for a US company - maybe find one that accepts PayPal as your PayPal account can take money directly from your Switch Card.

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