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    OSCommerce + cPanel Warning

    I'm not 100% sure on this, so if someone could double check, that'd be great. I had a client install the OSCommerce software via cPanel today and it went great. He modified it up for about 6 hours today and then tonight decides he wanted 2 more stores.

    The 3 stores all ended up using the same database... according to him he didn't make any changes, etc so I'm assuming this is a cpanel bug. I'll check it more in a bit, but I need to get a couple hours sleep so my brain can function normally.

    Anyways, let me know.

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    What 2 other stores did he install?

    Sorry to say this but i think what you are asking is a little bit to vague. We sought of need a bit more information.

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    I don't believe the CPanel default installers support multi-installations. It's not really a bug, but rather the lack of the support or feature for it.
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    no need to use cpanel installer, you can instal OSC in less then 5 min

    but it would be nice if they could add this feature (perhaps you could submit it using the feature request form)

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