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    Web Hosting Remote Tech Support Position Open

    Candidates must be very Internet savvy and have at least 2 years experience in the Web Hosting tech support area. Good knowledge about FTP, HTML, UNIX, Email is a must. CGI, PHP as well as some experience with web design is helpful.

    Position pays $750/month (1099) and requires 6 hours/day, 5 days/week.

    Interested? PM us with your qualifications to setup an interview.

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    you need at least 5 posts in order to be able to receive PM's. do you have an email address?
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    I would like to submit an application for a technical support position within your company.

    I am the sole owner and operator of D.I.Y. Web Hosting (, a sales representative for CWIPanel / E-Insites, and have past experience working as remote technical support agent for HostPhax Internet Solutions.

    I am experienced administrating Linux/cPanel servers and am capable of providing basic server administration, technical support, and business/sales/marketing support.

    I am also very experienced in designing and coding web pages and customizing various billing/forum/content management scripts. I frequently offer my script customization services commercially on WHT.

    I would be able to provide prompt, helpful support to your clients and am available during a wide range of hours as I work full time from my home office and am online at almost all times. I would certainly be able to offer experienced, quality support to your clients in the form of support tickets/emails, livechat, or even via telephone.

    Feel free to contact me via one of the following methods if you'd like to arrange for an interview:

    Phone: 1-306-934-3444
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: diylive
    ICQ: 339201227
    MSN: [email protected]
    Yahoo: diyhosting

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Ryan Smith

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    You do not have enough posts to be able to recieve Private Messages (PM).

    Can you please provide an email or IM address so that I can get a hold of you that way?


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    i am intrested to, u can im me, email me, etc
    netbank i have all of your qualifications, and will work for even less than you are proposing

    contact me asap!

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    I'm interested! Please let me know some additional information as we cannot approach you via PM.


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    I am very interested and have tried to email and PM you but you do not accept emails and do not have enough posts to recieve PMs. Is there anouther method that I could contact you via?

    Thank You

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    Sorry, didn't see the PM minimum restriction.

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    So, let me get the 5 posts then (hope that's ok to do) ;-)

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    Glad to see that some people are interested. Post # 4.

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    yes, or provide an email address

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    Ok, I have enough posts now (I hope) to get PMs. Please fire away and try to be as specific as possible in regards to your experience. Thanks in advance.

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    I didn't want to post an email address as we're pretty much spam free and want to keep it that way ;-)

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    PM sent.

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    Hi netbank,

    I agree you are afraid of spamming... but you can post your IM for quick contact.
    Afterall you can restrict users from contacting you om IM in that case, isnt it ...!

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