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    On the lookout for a new host

    Hi all

    I am on the lookout for a cheap reseller account, and came across a company called Has anybody had any experiences with this host, and if so, were they good or bad?

    Thanks alot!


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    Have you tried doing a search on this forum? It usually will give you an idea.
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    here is the link:

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    Thanks for the input, it's greatly appreciated

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    If you are going to try out a new web host always start out by paying monthly. Then if they do a good job you can change to yearly to save some money. Also make sure they reply to your emails at different times of the day and week. Take your time and look around, the best way to find a host is to ask friends, who they use.
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    Checkout from various directories


    happy hosting
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    When i checked there website today many of the links are not working at all.... forexample

    Not a very positive sign....
    Good Luck

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