$20K/Gbps is back!

He.net is happy to have 3 promos running currently:

1) Hurricane Electric is offering full 100 Mbps Internet connections for $2,500 per month out any he.net node (other than Fremont, which is covered by special #2). This service will be delivered over 100BT.

2) Hurricane Electric is now offering a full 100 Mbps on 100 BaseT Internet connection and a full cabinet for $2500/month.
The following conditions apply:
* This offer is only available in the Hurricane Fremont facility.
* This is a single port and the bandwidth may not be aggregated with any other ports.
* No cross connects will be provided to the cabinet.
* No extra power will be provided to the cabinet.
* The connection will be provided as 100 base T only. This specific promotion can't be used for a gigabit ethernet connection.
* The cabinets assigned for this will be in a specially designated area. Existing customer cabinets can't be converted.

3) Hurricane Electric is now offering full (1000 Mbps flat rate) gigabit ethernet transit for $20,000/month at select locations.
This offer is available in Equinix Ashburn, Equinix San Jose, Equinix Chicago, Equinix Dallas, Equinix LA, Level 3 NY (111 8th Ave), Telehouse New York, PAIX Palo Alto, Hurricane Fremont (760 Mission Court, Fremont CA), Hurricane San Jose (55 South Market, San Jose CA), and London Telehouse Docklands East.

We would be happy to work out a quote for your specific needs.
For more details, or for a quote, contact me at [email protected], or call at 1-800-845-0146 x122.

Reid Fishler
Director, East Coast Operations