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    Where should I report this?

    Hi all,

    Not quite sure where to post this so please move it if you think it is necessary.

    Anyway, on some (not all) of my email addresses I am recieving emails with subjects like "Re: Hi" and "Re: Your Approval" and "Re: Your Request" making them look like responses to messages I sent. All of these contain things likie "Please confirm!" and then a document which I haven't touched, just deleted, which I'm guessing is a virus. I'm guessing it's a virus that only affects PCs and I use a mac, but all the same, where should I report this?


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    Hm.. I used get the same thing. My McAfee recognized the attachments as W32/Netsky.d.eml!exe

    Make sure you run full scan on your PC.

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    You could try getting the IP and notifying their ISP (who may let them know they possibly have a virus on their machine), but the best thing is to just keep deleting

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    I have been getting these for months now just delete and you should be fine.

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    Yup. THese are the new spam/virus. I get countless a day. No point of reporting, people aren't sending them on purpose, its the virus. And its far too farspread for reporting to do any good.
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