Net Sentry is excited to be able to offer the following Memorial Day Weekend Special. These deals are based on carrier direct ports within our data centers. You pick the facility, the provider, and the commitment.

Here are the offers:

1/2 Cabinet and 10Mbps = $700 per month
1/2 Cabinet and 100Mbps = $3,700 per month
Full Cabinet and 10Mbps = $1,000 per month
Full Cabinet and 100Mbps = $4,000 per month

Standard Setup = $1,000

Here are the locations and carriers:

Savvis (C&W) - 200 N Nash, Los Angeles, CA
Global Crossing (GBLX) - 600 W 7th, Los Angeles, CA
Level(3) - Level(3) POP, Richmond, VA

These are based on fast ethernet x-connects directly from the respective carrier's distribution infrastructure. Similar deals are available nationwide. Every port includes access to our web-based customer support environment.

If you would prefer a blend of all 3 carriers along with greater savings, check out the following Net Sentry direct deals:

1/2 Rack and 10Mbps = $600
1/2 Rack and 100Mbps = $2,700
Full Rack and 10Mbps = $900
Full Rack and 100Mbps = $3,000

Standard Setup = $1,000

With our Net Sentry direct deals, we are also introducing distributed colo and aggregate bandwidth. Divide your colo commitment between 2 facilities and add a 2nd port for $100 more on 10Mbps and $1,000 more on 100Mbps. Then, any overage is billed @ $50 per Mbps based on 95th percentile.

So, for example, you can get a 1/4 rack and 10Mbps in LA and a 1/4 rack and 10Mbps in Richmond, VA for $700. Then, any usage over 10Mbps is $50 per Mbps. Or, get a 1/2 rack in LA and a 1/2 rack in Richmond with a 100Mbps port in both places for $4,000 and any usage over 100Mbps aggregate is $50 per Mbps.

If you order by Memorial Day, May 31, 2004 the setup will be reduced to $750. For the first 5 orders, setup is $500.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or reach me directly.