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    Angry Ports on Win2000 / I have worms!!

    I look at my bandwidth over the past few days and noticed it was way to high, like 10 times what it should be. We disabled all the ports except the following.

    Port 53 Simple DNS
    Port 1433 MS SQL Server
    Port 3389 Remote Desktop Connection

    This fixed the problem but I want to get rid of the worms off the system. Here is a screen shot of the ports that were being used. I ran a virus checker and nothing was found. Does anyone see anything on here they can help fix?

    Please see attached .jpg which is a screen capture of the ports.
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    housecall may help speed things up there.....

    good luck man, sorry to hear bad news
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    Mainly nowadys PHATBOT are very much disturbing for Win servers, they are some bots to flood ips through botnet. And since Phatbot source is now public among hackers, everybody is designing his/her own phatbot to run a flood botnet. Now it is not possible for anti virus to detect this because Antivirus don't have all of their fingerprint. May be a Phatbot or sdbot or agobot in your system and somebody is using it to flood some network with your bandwidth. Now obviously your question will be how to check it then. Better goto Registry at Run , Runservices section for suspicous entry. Nothing else really. Windoes afterall.
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