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    Remote php (jellycounter, bravenet)

    Ok, I was wondering how jellycounter and bravenet make counters. I notice that it seems to be php with java, or java with java. My question is, how do they do this, because I would like to do this withought having to use iframes.

    I don't really know java (or javascript), but I have made a image php counter here:

    Thanks for the help!

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    What they are most likely doing is counting the number of hits from that location, and that's how they know what the counter should read.

    For example -- suppose the counter script is foo.php?id=4xf432x and you display the counter like this <img src="foo.php?id=4x432x">

    foo.php will look up your key (4x4323) in a database, add one to the number of hits from your key, then (based on other preferences) -- output the counter image.
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    Well, what I want to know is how they make it include the php script, and it seems they use java, and I would like to know how they do this. This could be all java, but if so, I would still like to know how to include a php script without using iframe (or php includes, as that server probaly doesn't have php.)

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    how to include php:
    <img src='php script here'>

    for java its somewhat essential for grabbing some env variables not sent thru http request and pass them thru http

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