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    Getting a second server

    Ok, I have a fantasy football site and it is currently on a ev1 / rackshack server. I anticipate a great spike in traffic over the next month, so I'm looking for a second server which will only store the database to the site. I've had nothing but GREAT experiences from Rackshack since the start, the network and machine has been fast and stable, and that's about all a guy can ask for. But now that I'm getting a second server, I have browsed over to their competition such as servermatrix and (gasp) 1&1 and see that I could afford a dual Xeon there for what a one processor machine costs at rackshack.

    So, is it worth expanding elsewhere or should I stick with what has worked for me. Also, one thing that occured to me is that if I go to another network, my site is actually twice as likely to go down since an outage at rackshack or another company would bring my site down. Is that reason enough to keep all of my machines at rackshack?


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    I would definitely keep the boxes in the same DC, same switch if possible. As you said - less chance of failures from one or the other DC and it will also be faster transfer.

    If you are happy with your host and don't mind the extra money then just upgrade there.

    If price is an issue and the savings significant then go with a well repected host like SM. You might wanna ask your host if they can work with you though, maybe they will cut you a deal.

    Suggestion: Upgrading to a Dual Xeon box with decent amount of memory may be all you need for now. Then you could get a second server later if needed.

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