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    Looking for someone to create newspaper advertisement

    I am planning of advertsing our hosting business in the local newspaper. I need someone that is experienced in creating advertisements for the hosting business. The advertisement must be created in a PDF file format.

    Anyone interested please contact me.

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    I have experience creating ads for newspaper in PDF format. (I've made a couple for my own company)

    What's the job pay?

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    As for the pay, you can email or PM me how much money you wish to receive for creating the advertisement.

    If you wish, I can offer you free hosting instead of money. The choice is yours.


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    Still looking? would be interested in exchange for free hosting. As for the PDF format I am not sure if it's good enough. Most newspaper I worked with, prefer Quark Express since it embed all the fonts and images used in the document. QuarkEpress can then be converted to PDF easily of course.

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    Sorry but the position has been filled.

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