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Thread: newbie ask!

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    newbie ask!

    i have a Domain
    and use cPanel!

    where and how can i change password?

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    it is cPanel Login password?

    but it wrong

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    Okay the best thing to do httpwwf is to login to your cpanel section with your username and password.

    This is done by

    Select FTP Manager -> Click on FTP accounts -> Add FTP Account

    In the login section put in a Username -> Fill in the password section

    Then in the directory section box just put a forward slash in that box. "/"

    Then press create

    Go to your ftp client and use the [email protected] in the username section and enter the password that you created before into the password section.

    now you are able to login and transfer files in your ftp client.

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    all better
    i log
    much thanks DiBellaweb

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