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    yet another thread

    i have gotten so many mixed reviews that im not sure. can you tell me if its good or bad. and only post if you actually have one and its recent. meaning if you have one or have had one in the last 3 months or so. thanks

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    I still have a server with for more than 5 months and it has so far been working fine. I recently had some problems which was my own doing like installing some security software and broke cPanel and the Linux kernel configuration.

    Anyways, I was promptly and speedily attended by support and for the cPanel, I contacted support and they also were very kind and helpful and helped fixed all my problems I had with cPanel and it now works perfectly and flawlessly. - My appreciation to all the support ppl and keep on improving. - My grateful thanks to support for the prompt and efficient service accorded to me.

    Though I see many threads and some bashing, I based my comments/post on actual experience and they are not at all that bad in my opinion.

    Just my views.


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    I have a server at and so far so good.
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    I got one through Angelnetworkz and its been great without any problems.

    I also tested support response from Managed and to my surprise they got back in less then 2 minutes.

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    If you can manage your own box (or use a reseller with management or external management company), then Managed is good value.

    If you can't manage your own box, then don't expect to last very long with Managed ( or any other company without management).

    Personally, I've found their helpdesk to be responsive, most requests I've raised have had an answer in less than 30 mins.

    I've had a box there for just over 3 months.

    I'd suggest ignoring any reviews from more than 3-4 months ago as the later reviews (from those who actually have kit there) seem to be painting a much better picture.

    Order yourself a cheap box for a month or 2 and give it a go, you can always cancel

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    Well, i've got 2 boxes at them. One runs my website and is going smoothly. There were a few issues because of misconfiguration on my side and they always fixed it within 15 minutes.

    I had an unexplained downtime though of about 4 hours during that thunderstorm a few nights ago (which I didn't notice because I was sleeping, when i woke up I could access teh site normally which makes me think it's a DNS-problem on their side. It's when i checked the stats that i noticed the downtime)

    On another server, a testserver, i've stresstest the bandwidth by hosting several moviefiles and run shoutcast servers.
    I managed to pull 25Mbps out of it for hours before my members were tired of downloading and it went down to a 1-3Mbps

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    to see the speeds others get or am i wrong???
    I managed to push 25mbit one time but when i download from my SM box i get max 1-2 mbit
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    Originally posted by Darkanoid


    to see the speeds others get or am i wrong???
    I managed to push 25mbit one time but when i download from my SM box i get max 1-2 mbit

    It's the end of the month anyway: Try downloading a linuxdistribution, rename it to Anna_Kournikova_Private_XXX.avi and post it to several forums and see what your maximum BW is

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    Will be starting my 3rd month with next week, its been great, I dont email suppprt a lot did for 3 times and they fixed the stuff in less than 30 mins.

    As monaghan said if you know how to manage your server is great, else if you email them how to do this how to do that, I guess it would not be great!

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    Have had a server with managed for some time. They have exellent support gave me a reimage within 1 hour of requesting and have had great uptime.

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    We currently have two servers with We've been with them about 3 months. Everything was going well, some minor DNS issues but nothing serious and no downtime, we were a happy customer. Then yesterday one of our boxes mysteriously went down at 4:13pm (we monitor it every minute). We waited until 4:50pm PST before emailing support about this issue. Supposedly they are open until 6pm PST.

    We didn't hear from them.

    We then sent an email to [email protected] at 7:12pm PST (reboot is supposedly open 24/7). Still no response.

    We resell this server to a valuable client of ours so you can imagine this situation was killing our reputation with our client each minute the server was down. Up until this incident we have experienced almost no down time with our servers (most of which come from ServerMatrix and a few other providers).

    1:00 AM PST still no response, at this point the server has been down since 4:13pm. We decided to create another email/ticket at 1:35AM. We were really shooting in the dark here as we were appalled by their utter disregard for what we felt was an emergency situation. Please note: this whole time the server was completely unreachable and off the network. Had SSH been working we could have worked on the server and rebooted it all night until we solve the issue. All they had to do was put this machine back on the network, restart it, plug in a cable, anything!

    Finally at 1:42AM we heard a response.

    "I've been covering reboot the whole night and there has been no reboot request for <our ip address> until now. Did you send your request to [email protected]? If so, please provide a ticket numer.

    In any case, server <our ip address> will be rebooted within 15 minutes."

    As you can imagine not the response we were looking for. We already had two ticket numbers which sent as proof of our previous requests.

    I don't know whether or not the server was rebooted at 2AM but it was still down at 6AM, no matter what the tech claimed to have done. We replied to the reboot ticket at 6:30AM and then created another regular ticket at 7:18AM. Finally our server was back online at 7:53AM.

    TOTAL DOWNTIME 15 hours 43 minutes

    We really wanted our relationship with to work out as their hardware specs and pricing our excellent. However we just can't let that amount of unexplained downtime slide without a valid explanation. A response time of 9 hours before doing anything is simply unacceptable. We have now decided to stop reselling their servers all together and removed the plans that were based on those machines from our website.

    Please note: This is our one experience and I would urge everyone considering to test them out for yourself. Everyone seems to have had different experiences. Buy their $60 plan as a test (don't put customers on it) and try contacting them via phone and email a few times to see if they meet your needs. Specifically try to get questions answered during 9 - 6 PST and also try to have the server rebooted during their off hours.

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    From when I started I messed up twice on the server management and I am in the UK and I phoned for a reset and they were not there... no reply... that was a bit anoying. But since I set it up 100% uptime... almost 2 months now

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