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    php bbcode help...

    <?php include("bbcode.php");
    $content = " echo "Please reffer to the <a href=\"index.php?rnl=about&#contact\">contact</a> section on the about page ";?>

    anything wrong with that?

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    PHP Code:
    <?php include("bbcode.php");
    $content " echo "[b]Please reffer to the <a href=\"index.php?rnl=about&#contact\">contact</a> section on the about page[/b] ";?>
    i mean this.

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    you wouldn't use

    $variable = " echo " text

    but rather

    $variable = 'text';
    echo $variable;

    try to replace your bold <b> tags with CSS where possibile as they are depreciated, if not then using <strong> instead would be better.

    and this doesn't seem like a valid url index.php?rnl=about&#contact

    not sure if you meant index.php?rnl=about#contact or &contact=something_else but replace your & sign with &am p; (remove the space)

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    no, is a valid URL.. and thank you for giving me the suggestions, I'll be sure to try them!

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