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    A question about God and Alien life?

    I have always wondered what the religious reaction would be to finding alien life on another planet, even one as close as venus.

    "On the * day God created Man"

    That is MAN not alien. An alien might not even resemble anything human/man like at all and looking at the conditions on some planets it would be hard to image something as naturally weak as a human design living in pressure exceeding 3 million atmosphere or breathing in sulphuric air that could melt steal.

    "On the * day God created Man"

    Thats as far as creating a reasonably concious and advanced lifeform goes in the bible so i would just like to read a religious persons answer to the above debacle.

    (I have never believed im God or have a faith for that matter, it causes more problems on this earth than anything else.)

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    It's a delicate topic, as there are believers from both sides.
    As also there could be only one life form in the Universe at any given time...

    My personal opinion is that if there wasn't any life in the Universe, apart from mankind, it would be a terrible waste of space

    As from the believers that think God has something to do with life...I think they would be highly dissapointed if we would find any....
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    I think religions will adjust like when we discovered earth wasn't the centre of the universe. Personally I do believe in God but I practice no religion, to me God is where everything originated (it can be a force an entity) because my brain won't accept that all planets/stars/galaxies were there and appeared out of thin air.
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    In ancient Hindu scriptures there is a description of the birth of the universe which is similar to the scientists version in the recent past have explained as the big bang theory. Many persons in ancient times are supposed to have had keen eyesight which could observe the stars and universe and hence had a thorough knowledge about it. [at least the sky was clearer those days without pollution lol]

    Many areas of studies in ancient Hindu times are associated with scientific knowledge: astronomy and astrology, science of architecture, medicinal plants, metallurgy etc

    I have also spent a lot of time trying to imagine the universe. It is hard to imagine in its absoluteness but you get used to it. You will start seeing things differently like how people saw the earth as round. Or the existence of gravity, speed of light, the biological cells and tissues. When you spend time looking thru the microscopes and telescopes you will start believing they exist and it is no longer a mystery. Forget aliens.....I still havent seen many sea/land creatures in real life. But I do believe the aliens can exist and its easy to believe so.......just transport yourself light years away to another part of the universe and ask yourself is there a planet with water and life forms elsewhere ?

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