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    Hosting Company For Sale!

    Hey Guys,
    I have a mate who has a hosting company to sell. I am posting on behalf of him.

    His site is currently has over 90 coustermers. His revenue per month is around $600.

    Usage so far:
    -Bandwidth = 120gb per month
    -Space = 25gb with over 90 coustermers

    He currently has around 3 resellers, and the rest are hosting accounts.

    Please PM me any offers you may have. Only serious offers only. He has started the bid off at $3000, which is a very good investment for the future.

    Thanks for your time.
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    What does he have for servers? What is the cost?
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    A few questions:
    1) What are the bandwidth and disc space allocations for these 90 clients?
    2) Are there any software applications (such as billing systems) that have licenses and which are included?
    3) Is the hosting domain name and web site included?
    4) Are the clients generally hosting personal sites? Or are they primarily small business?
    5) What is the break down of clients that have paid monthly, quarterly and yearly?
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    I am very interested.
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    Jackus, can you PM one of the Community Leaders the name of your mate please?
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