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    What makes a good web hosting system's admin?

    After going through hundreds of different resumes over the past several weeks from system admins, I have come to the conclusion that system admins for a web hosting company need to have more specialized skill compared to a system admin working for a corporate company such as let's say, Lockheed Martin.

    All good system admins need to have at least:
    Be able to implement, configure web servers and web apps.
    Have extensive scripting knowledge.
    Monitor and troubleshoot network problems.
    Extensive knowledge of web applications, various OS's, and software.
    Extensive knowledge of security technology.

    Those are just a few of the basic requirements but for a web hosting company, they are also required to have extensive knowledge of the various web host control panel such as cpanel and how to properly configure it.

    My question is:

    What other important skills do you think a web host systems administrator should possess?

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    they should certainly be able to communicate correctly, if they can't properly communicate (ie. they speak german) then you'll run into problems in the near future...

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    my experience with sysadmins in corp environments is they don't know anything about networking (security, etc...). I mean, they may know wut a mac is, and wut dos stands for, but they are able to buy expensive equipment that vendors tell them will protect them so they don't need to worry. that doesn't work in web hosting. You can't just firewall your network and pay some other vendor to host your website and othe rpublic resources (since, uh, YOU are that vendor now).

    so my vote would have to be routing, security, practical ip stuff (how to figure out who owns a block, and other necessary stuff when dealing with spam/security concerns quickly). Most sysadmins know what a switch does, but they buy transit thru a provider and get a drop that comes after any real routing happens, so they may not know everything one needs to know to prevent mishaps and deal with attacks.

    I think the ability to communicate well with users and give the right amount of information comes with any sysadmin job, but that's an important thing.
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    Must work well under pressure
    Good communications skills

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    * The ability to clearly and concisely document changes to any system.

    * The ability to clearly and concisely document how-to guides for the installation and maintenance of new systems.

    * The ability to manage time effectively along with the ability to switch from task to task without losing place when coming back to a task.

    * The very key ability to solve problems especially problems that may have never happened before to anyone else.

    * The ability to learn new skills and apply them.

    Thank you.
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    Coffee. its that simple. :-)
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    You wish hostworks that is was that simple
    People can talk and write good, but when it comes to the actual thing only few are upto it

    my 50 cents
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    Originally posted by thehostworks
    Coffee. its that simple. :-)
    I recommend Red Bull, it will keep them wired for hours

    Documentation has always been important. If they leave the job to someone else, or a problem comes up with their past work - anyone (including the admin) should be able to trace back their steps., Inc.
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