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    Offers for these server clients pls.

    Hi. I have 6 dedicated server clients I would like to move on to a new host, and I am looking for offers.
    I am not selling our entire server resale business, simply these clients and their servers.

    These are good clients, all have been with us at least 5 months or longer. They simply no longer fit into our service and billing structure. All pay on time, and support needs are low, averaging 1 ticket per month each.

    5 are paying via PayPal subscription, 1 uses a credit card. All pay between the end of the month or a day or two into the beginning of the month.

    The servers are located at ServerMatrix, and SM is aware of this sale. We are a certified SM reseller. Any one purchasing these clients will automatically qualify for all SM reseller discounts and offers. Clients pay SM retail prices for their servers or slightly higher. Gross profit on these 6 clients is $108 per month + occasional services like installing software etc. Monthy average profit including additional billable services has been $150 - $170 month. More info on request. I will not state our firm name at this time.

    This is not a rush sale. Transfer of clients will be in the first or second week of June if we find a buyer, so you will not have to pay for the servers until July, and that will give you time to set up billing etc. for monthís end. We will transfer clients to your SM account if you have one, or have a new SM account set up for you.

    Please reply or email to [email protected]. I will check emailís from time to time but may not respond immediately if Iím really busy. But I will get back to you.
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    You cant recieve PMs until you have 5 posts..

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    Oops, quite right, my apologies. Post edited with an email address instead.

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    Buy out price?

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    I'm interested in getting a buyout price for these clients as well.
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    I have several questions that I would like to ask you, however, I also respect your privacy. I have contacted you via email, as you've requested. Perhaps some of the questions could be answered here, as well, so here you go:

    Are these Linux/Windows clients?
    What's the specs of each machine?
    What control panel is on each machine?
    Are these managed by you, or by the customers themselves, or by SM?
    What is the total monthly cost of the servers?

    Thanks in advanced!
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    Originally posted by TRN Douglas
    Are these Linux/Windows clients?
    What's the specs of each machine?
    What control panel is on each machine?
    These are fair questions.

    Server total cost is $843 monthly. All servers are billed by SM at the discounted reseller rate.

    1 x P4 - 3.0 Windows 2003
    2 x P4 - 2.4 Redhat/Cpanel
    2 x Cel - 2.4 Redhat/Cpanel
    1 x Cel - 2.4 Redhat

    I think I have those specs correct, the list is at the office so I'm posting from memory.

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    Thanks to all who emailed offers. We will decide over the weekend and email everyone Monday.

    We have rec'd 4 offers. If any one else wants to contact us feel free, based on the offers we have rec'd the buyout prices is $750.

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