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    Computer Problems

    I'm having some really bad problems with my windows XP machine. What happens is most of the applications I install(mainly games) stop working after about a month. Every time I try running a game or whatever, it'll keep prompting me for a cd, or your trial has expired, etc. I have reformated my computer so It can't be a virus. After about a month time it starts acting up like it just is now. I can't keep reformatting like I have been as it takes way to much time and effort to do it.

    80 GB western digital drive
    40 GB WD backup
    2700+ athlon XP
    ATI raedon 9800pro 128 MB
    NForce 2 motherboard(The problem can't be the mobo because the problem occurs on other mother boards as well)

    Any help on this is appreciated.
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    That is a very odd situation. Do you think it could be a hard drive problem?

    Is it exactly happening every month?
    If it is are you sure the cd-keys are not monthly trial versions.

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