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    Huge Experience With Forums - Forum Management Availible Here!


    I have to much spare time on my hands so i thought i might help some people out. I can manage any forum apart from webmaster type forums since i dont have much experience with that genre. But anything else is fine. So if you need someone to moderate or admin your forums while you have better stuff to do or just need an experienced manager please reply here or shoot me a pm.


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    Would you be interested in being a mod on ?
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    do you charge ?

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    I am interested in setting up a forum solely for developers community. Need a experiance partner who can manage the same. i have hosting and very very catchy domain name with me.
    contact me please at sales(at)



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    I am also interested.

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    i have a few forums i need mods for
    but i need to know what you are geting out o it - do you want paid?
    if so how much?

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    We are similarly interested to know if you require payments.
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