X-Treme Plan @ IMOHOST Web Solutions

Web Space 35,000MB
Monthly Transfer (GB) 250,000GB
Control Panel - Yes
Directory Protection - Yes
Host Domains - Yes
E-mail Accounts - 999
File Manager - Yes
Frontpage Extensions - Yes
FTP Accounts - Yes
MySQL Databases - Unlimited
Operating System - REDHAT 7.3
PHP - Yes
PHPMyAdmin - Yes
Reseller Ability - Yes
Secure Server (SSL) - Yes
Server Side Include - Yes
Site Backup - Yes
Sub-Domains - Yes
Webalizer/Web Stats - Yes
Static IP - Yes

Monthly Price (USD) $55.00 / month for X-Treme plan

IP to ping:
Test download: http://imohost.com/test64
B/W provided by NAC
99.9% uptime

Please do not PM me, instead email [email protected] with questions or post in this thread. We offer fair hosting at a fair price. Our support is excellent and we have been in the business for 2 years.

Website: http://www.imohost.com
Terms of service: http://www.imohost.com/tos.shtml
Order form: http://imohost.com/orders/step_one.php