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    Question What's happened here then

    I went on my website today and saw pages on it that were from a month back.
    I have a number of live booking tables which were out of date and were from last month.
    There were pages on the site that i deleted months back.
    If my hosting company had a problem they should have restored from the weekly back up that they take - shouldn't they?
    This would mean the info would just be a number of days out of date not months.
    My site is a live site so a couple of days and it's completely different.
    What happened here? and should i complain? or was i lucky to get that?

    thanks in advance for your views

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    I would complain and ask if they can restore your daily/weekly backup.

    Of course from the horror stories of this site I would say your lucky to get your info. Although that's a sad state of affairs if your lucky to just get what you should have.
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    I'd ask them. Only they can let you know what happened.

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    Yeah, you should ask but i dont know why the restored "version" is so over-the-hill. I suppose they had a server that crashed completely in which case- that would really suck not just for you but their whole client base.
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    A giant server crash like that can be disastrous

    Hopefully something like that did not occur and seriously injure a host's future.

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