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    Pay per click advertising 0.02$

    Pay per click advertising on

    Every download detail page, for example this one:
    Has 3 text ads in the header, now it's: Submission Soft, Grandtheft auto and Trojan Defense Suite
    The more you bid for a click the more chance you have your ad will be displayed on all of those pages (exactly 525 for now)
    You can start bidding from 2 cents per click so this way you only need to pay if a visitor really visits your site
    Your ad will be displayed for as long as you specify, for example, if you pay for 50 clicks, at 2 cents / click, this will only cost you one dollar
    (There's a minimum of 1$ though )

    Statistics can be seen with PhpAdsNew: number of unique adviews, number of adclicks

    I can even Geo Target your ad to the countries you specify so you really have targetted traffic

    All you need to do is:
    Specify how much you want to bid for a click
    Specify the number of clicks you want to pay for

    Write a competitive Title and Short description for your sites and your site will be added.

    Till the end of May there's a special bonus: 10% extra clicks for free

    Site statistics:
    According to awStats: 3000 unique visitors / day
    25.000 pageviews / day
    100.000+ hits / day

    Geo Targetting information:
    30% US/Canada
    35% European countries who have english as their first or second language

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    Looks good, how long will this be held for? I'm interested but waiting for a bank transfer to finish before i start spending money i haven't got
    John Heslop

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    How do you want payment sent? If you accept PayPal, count me in.


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    Perfect transaction. I'm looking forward to seeing my results.

    Really appreciated the quick chat, payment method and setup.


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    please contact me at

    Info [at]

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    I'm also offering ad space on my home page:
    a 728x90 leaderboard

    ppc starting from 10c / click

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