I am starting a Neighborhood business to fix people's computers and etc. and I'm sure that at least 50% of that will involve Viruses and Spyware/Adware. Something very helpful for this will be a USB Key (In this case 128MB) filled with anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware stuff. I need suggestions of what to put on it, or if you wanna be nice, any tips for the business I'm about to start.

So Far, I have:
Ad-Aware Installer
Spybot S&D Installer
Stinger (The McAfee Standalone Virus Removal Thing)
Mozilla (In case IE is messed up or full of Spyware)

I'm sure there is much more I just can't think of this second. So yea, please help. (And preferably things that dont need an installer and just run out of their own folder/File)