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    Supertech buys flailing vshosting?

    The drama surrounding vshosting seems to roll on. In December this reseller was abandoned by its owner. The guy tried to resign from a business that only he owned and wouldn't even talk to the techs he left behind. At that time it was taken over by a guy who likes to be known as the "Kahuna". The difficulty really ramped up with a continuous string of server and DC problems that for the most part have been met with corporate speak and less than measured quick solutions.

    The last time a potential new client posted a pre-sale question was more than 60 days ago. Then on April 21 the Kahuna dropped out of site. His last post to the client base was on that day.

    When the question was finally asked the reply was that the Kahuna has decided to retire from hosting resellers and is now in the process of opening a shop selling Kayaks and Canoes. Kahuna to Kayaks. Pressing further uncovered that the only tech with any visibility claims ownership of 50% of vshosting with the other 50% held by a shadow group identified only as his associates. Still no official announcement clearing the legal ownership and responsible parties of this outfit.

    There remain about a dozen resellers that have acknowledged still having accounts at vshosting. Many have moved to a competing server setup by previous clients.

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    How will it end?
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    Right, not sure you get third time around with so much rising competition.

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    I'm a reseller at VSH myself and have been since the early days. I will continue to be a reseller with them because they have offered me nothing but 110% service.

    I cannot discuss such details about the takeover outside the realm of the VSH community forums but what I will say is that the future does not look as bleak as some people are keen to make out.

    Hosting is a very competitive business, as one reseller dissapears another 20 open up - we all know that, Kahuna (not The Kahuna as you make out) obviously prefers making his millions selling canoes than sitting in front of him terminal all day counting his subs from hosting.

    He had a go, didn't like it, and now someone else takes over the reigns, so what, as long as my 110% service continues, i'm happy.

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    Originally posted by ianforest
    Kahuna (not The Kahuna
    Distinction without a difference. For the record that is not a quote since I didn't post it that way.

    No one can discuss the details when a entire deal is done in the shadows. Good luck and happy camping.

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    I too am a VSH reseller, I am 100% behind the latest change round at VSH. I think the recent troubles at vsh were a result from the swift exit of the original owners/partners, I feel the then new owner was 100% comitted to the venture and did manage to steady the ship but it soon became apparent that VSH was not his true calling (all respects to him for trying).
    I am very happy to stay at VSH as I believe the service and value will increase as the new owner brings in the service level that he has always aimed for.
    I also must say that with the new situation resellers are coming BACK and the numbers are more than "me too" has stated ( how do you get your figures by the way )

    Regards a happy vsh reseller

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    Sounds like the new owners are going to need big "Kahunas" to salvage the company's reputation.
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    Both "happy" customers combined have a total of 7 posts to their credit.

    Not saying anything just making an observation.

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    As the person who now runs VSHosting I would like to make a few comments.

    VShosting is not "flailing" we have a decent customer base, are debt free and profitable. The owners of the other 50% are not a "shadow group" but merely 2 financial investors whom I have known for several years and are in no way connected with any other hosting venture and will have nothing to do with the day to day running of VSHosting.

    We have had problems with a couple of servers over the last 2 months, 1 is now stable again and the other is still causing intermittent problems. Due to this we have lost a few clients, this is unfortunate both for the resellers that suffered during the downtime and for us. We would like to wish the clients that left all the best in their new home wherever that may be.

    The VSHosting forums are quieter than they used to be, and most clients do not post there any more. This is due to a number of reasons from resellers that don't have the time to post to flame wars that were occurring between clients making the forums a much less pleasant place to frequent.

    VSHosting is still attracting new clients (although not in the same numbers as in the past) and existing clients are also upgrading and purchasing additional plans. We have just put 2 new servers online because of this.

    Our main concern at the moment is to totally stabalise the server that is still experiencing some intermittent problems and ensure all clients are 100% happy and to increase the number of staff in our technical support team before we proceed with our plans to ofer other services such as VPS and dedicated servers along with a new advertising campaign.

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