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Thread: Exim tweaking

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    Exim tweaking


    We need to block some email accounts (not domain names but some particular email accounts only) from receiving external emails. So only local emails should be delievered.

    Do you guys know a quick solution for this?

    Our server: RedHat 9 with DirectAdmin with Exim

    Thank you. Best quality web hosting

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    you can try the following (untested) acl:

    deny recipients     = @@lsearch;/etc/exim/internal-emails-only
         sender_domains = !+local_domains
         message        = $local_part@$domain is for internal use only.
    i'll test it later in the evening when i come home

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    Thank you for the answer, however I cannot get it working
    Did you have a chance to test it? Best quality web hosting

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    exim manual

    the exim manual is a great resource. I'm pretty sure you could look up the bits of the config snippet he gave you and figure out how to make it go.
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    Just in case if anybody wants to know the solution.
    I have added such filter into the /etc/system_filter.exim

    if $header_to: contains "[email protected]"
    if $header_from: contains ""
    seen finish
    fail text "This message is not permitted to relay"
    seen finish

    so it allows to pass emails from only to [email protected] Best quality web hosting

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