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    Lightbulb Your Target Market

    I am looking for what your targeting market is and how successful you are with that target market.

    Do you advertise for this targeting market? If so, how successful are you in gaining clients?

    Also, I am looking for a list of targeting markets because I am interested in finding one for my web site.

    Thank you,

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    so you want people to tell you what market they are being successful in and how they are doing it?
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    Originally posted by hometownhosting
    so you want people to tell you what market they are being successful in and how they are doing it?
    Still better than the guy who asked me for a CSV file of my Google campaign LOL

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    I target all the people looking for free solaris and websphere dedicated servers. we have tons of customers but for some reason we aren't making any money. I guess our compaign worked, but now we need to revise our business model.

    oh well =[
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    Look for a niche and exploit it.
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    Target market is any small business within driving distance . Business is good so far. Get some talented female marketers to do the sales pitch for you and you'll find the business comes much more readily.
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    Driving distance? Good you started from your local market, thats the best way to start off. Locally and then nationally, easier to host people in the same area because they work when you work and they sleep when you do. Oh well
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